LoadPlanner CAD

Cargo planning and management
Crane simulations, Stability calculations

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Cargo Planning

Prepare all cargo to be loaded by import a packing list from Windows clipboard, text, or an Excel sheet, packing list in PDF have to be converted
The import function can handle any unit’s measurement as m, cm, mm, inch or feet and weight in mt, kg, g or ibs
Define manual units by the Units Properties dialog box or create graphics units in the UserCAD

All cargo will be added to a Load List, the list can be filtered and having functions to add units to
Pipes Calculations, Grid Loading (Bags, coils, pallets etc.), Block stowage, Grouping units and more


All units shown on the Load List and not already loaded can be added to the Quay Area
In Cargo Model, Select a unit on the Quay area and place it on a top viewed cargo area, use Load Align or load direct from the Load List

The Cargo Model can be undocked in individual forms for use with multi-screen setup

Once all cargo is loaded create the Plan Model, set up numbers of sections views, top and aft view


In Plan Model enable the drawing tools, and add any text, loading explanations, add palettes as "Subject To"
Picture explanations, lashing or lifting information

The Plan Model drawing's unit is in mm, use dimensions tools to give better explanations to units position from a bulkhead etc.

Create loading or discharging sequence list for each port, each unit will be numbered and a sequence list can be exported to Excel 


In Create New Layout dialog box, user have the options to select own created frames or title block
Add: Total loaded, Total Loaded by POL, Total Loaded by POD or each unit reference (POL and POD will be added in given port rotations)
Add in any block from the palettes system and each block attributes can be edited


A Layout can show the entire Plan Model or user can pick individual object form the Plan Model area
Each object (Viewport) can be zoomed and placed anywhere in the layout

There is no limit for numbers of layouts, and the system support multi pages PDF export


At the top menu bar click Help
and the help file popup, select LoadPlanner and all functions explained