LoadPlanner CAD

Cargo planning and management
Crane simulations, Stability calculations

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Stanchion files

There are 2 types of stanchions
Top view stanchions
Take a snapshot of a top viewed loading area from a PDF AutoCAD or 
other file, paste into the UserCAD
Scale the drawing so it matches correct dimension, take the file to LoadPlanner and you can start your cargo planning
This function special designed, so if you just have some kind of a GA plan, you can start pre-loading of cargo in 2 min
Also use to create a barge or a quay area of a port etc.


3D Plan stanchion
Requiring all data from a GA plan, crane data, tween decks etc.
The design function guide user step by step for all data required
If you are a ship officer from the deck or a naval architect, quit easy
The manual describes all input / functions
It take about 2 hours to enter all data, and the system can draw up all system layers, the time consuming part is editing all profiles all depending of the quality of drawings, and users knowhow to cad systems