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Crane simulations, Stability calculations


News / Latest version

Note: For those having updated support for 2020, Use same link as recived to download latest version

Version 3.50.8 Dated 28 April 2020
Pipe Load, returning numbers of pipes in a block deleted corrected
Grid Load, Updated
Crane Simulations > Lifting points setup, adjust side view COG to drawing corrected

Version 3.50.6 Dated 1 March 2020
New Function
  Units Check list (Wish from Bjarni)

Function checking for each loaded units for:
Deck Options
Max Load PL t/m2
Loading Height 8
Required Space
Inside Crane(s) range
Overhang ship side

General updates of var. functions
Note when moving a unit top viewed, press the Numeric key 1 = deck, 2  = Twd, 3 = Tanktop

Version 3.50.4 Dated 18 Febuary 2020
Take over a project file from a other user
Click  Edit attributes, and click save and all title blocks will be updated, use same function to change ship name

Update to form dock

Corrections to Multiselect, equaiy spacing

Version 3.50 Dated 2 February 2020

New in this version


The installations set to AnyCPU and will install the 64-bit system on MS Windows 64-bit and 32-bit on MS Windows 32-bit (older version of XP a Win7), Windows 10 do not exist in 32-bit
While 32 bits of information can only access 4 GB of RAM, a 64-bit machine can access 17.2 BILLION gigabytes of system memory, banishing any limits far into the future. This also means that your video cards and other devices will not be stealing usable memory space from the operating system
So, having a pc with Windows 10 and 8 GB of RAM or more, no more memory out, and executions much faster

Converting old LoadPlanner 4.x Ship Files (*.Shp)
A separated file converter in 32-bit is added to the installations and can only be called from LoadPlanner CAD. The converter only selects all data from the old system and will need final handling in LP CAD. Check the manual for more info. Note: The converter use DAO (Access Drivers from the late 80) so the life span limit.

Request for handling vertical Paper rolls
Units properties > New Unit > Paper Rolls (circle vertical)
Defined by High, Outer diameter and Inner diameter
Use the function for any unit having a circle shape shown top viewed, Fx towers foundations ring etc.
All so added to Grid Load

Grid It, Grid Load and Bulk Load
Function updated, see the manual, have a long range of new options, paper rolls nested, or none nested added

Use the function Grid It. Any unit form the Load List click  Knowing the function you can save a lot of time 

2 Screen docking options
As most users use 2 screens set up, 2 new docking options added
AS default and if 2 screen or more connected and working in a 64-bit, the 2 Screen setting activated shifting to Cargo Model
Unable or enable the default setting LoadPlanner Explore > System Setup > All ways dock 2 screens

PDF Import, UserCAD
Function updated, UserCAD File > PDF Import
Note, If the file open dialog PDF also available, each page will be added as layout pages but max 10 pages, more than 10 pages the system give an error and the opening of the file canceled
Working with PDF import require C++ 2017(2019) redistributable, see the installations note

Program float safety
It has unfortunately been seen that some Users do head less functions surfer (HLFS),
This have resulted in vital links in the system has been destroyed, and then a long range of problems occurs
This has been prevented by a sub function checking deleted objects before final deleted (It call the Alex function)
It is strongly recommended to complete or cancel an activated function before activating a new function, use common sense

Version 3.49 Dated 10 December 2019

In versions 3.48 the conversions of old ship files (*.Shp) was unfortunately not working correct
Updater in 3.49
Use same link as earlier forwarded to download 3.49

Version 3.48 Dated 2 December 2019

 If your version 3.48 dated 1 December 2019 you need to download the updated manual and replace existend file in the LoadPlanner CAD instalations folder. if 3.48 dated 2 december 2019 then all ok

6 years programming have reached its final full circle, upgrading the old system, programed in a 30 years range 1980 to 2013

Updated matrix giving a long range of new opportunity and functions, the algorithms more complex than ever but so much faster in executing
More than 350 external databases call (MS Access) converter to internal databases saved in the matrix
However, this version still a 32-bit installation, given a lot of memory out errors for hardcore AutoCAD users, but in 2020 it will be upgraded to 64 bits but need to cut the reference to the old LoadPlanner 4.1 / Microsoft Access and VB6

New in this version

Stability Module
Updated to handle hydrostatics data, MS or KN curves for trim interval of 0,5m or 1,0m in order to reproduce class approval stability readout
Crane stability added. Note: Cranes must be setup to crane stability before enabled
The stability module fulfils all Class requirement to reproduce stability (GL and DNV)

Tanks and Stability Form
In stanchions design mode add interactive tank plan, see the manual how to do

The form updated to show Crane stability if activated else Intact stability, the stability read out constantly updated
Functions to transfer ballast based on heeling
Create Layouts of All Compartments, Ballast compartments and Stability read out

Crane Stability
Read out of crane stability as well intact stability shown it the Tanks and Stability Form

Project Folders
As many projects relate to varies ship types, drawings, packing lists etc. keep all related files in same folder
In the LP Explore, click New Project Folder, and the new folder can be selected from in File Save dialog box

Recent project folders will be blue marked in the File explore

New File system
The File Save dialog box have flg. options
*.P.VDCL New standard, compressed file format, File size abt 94% less than the old format none compressed files
*.P.VDML None compressed file format
*.D.VDCL Compressed data file, contain only cargo information’s and have to be merge with a stanchions file, Data file size typical less than 100kb without adding a lot of PDF or AutoCAD drawings inside
*.S.VDML Save any project file as a stanchion file (Cargo not allowed in stanchion files)
*.DWG Save a file in dwg / AutoCAD format, note a dwg file can not be reopened for cargo handling in LP

The new Data File system created in view of it is impossible to keep the project file size down, so if a project has to be sent to a ship use the Data File format
But make sure the receiver has the correct stanchion file onboard