LoadPlanner CAD

Cargo planning and management
Crane simulations, Stability calculations


News / Latest version

Version 3.46 Dated 27 June 2019
Crane simulations and rigging module updated

It have seen that some users have been using # (hashtag) in units entries
# (hashtag) is a separations / commend string. In MS DataGrid a new column command
Use of # (hashtag) in any entries the # (hashtag) will be deleted
Do NOT use # (hashtag) in LoadPlanner CAD

Import of packing list, new function to handle thousand decimal when importing packing list with
opposite language setting than Windows setting
Coping from Excel it is no longer necessary to remove thousand decimal

Use of illegal sign in file names or paths, and file names or paths longer than Windows permit
Resulting in file not saved. User will be notified

Version 3.43 Dated 1 May 2019 
Crane simulations and rigging module See more info 
Version 3.41 Dated 31 October 2018

New Functions
List Administrator > Reference / Ports > Tools > Setup Units system colors
Showing a list of predefined colors, when importing units, the first defined port selects the first color on the list will be selected, second port the next color and so on, same for reference
User can edit or add own colors on the list. If a port or reference is added to the list so when defining new port or reference matching the list the selected color will be selected

List Administrator > Import > Import Type
Import Type divided in 3 types, Standard Units, Wind Towers, Pipes

List Administrator > Import > Select on list for columns Convert unit of measurement
Enabler user to convert a column from fx fractions (12” 3/4”) to any metric decimal values or if length given in meters and width and height given in millimeters, convert length to mm

List Administrator > Import > Manually Input
Enabler user to define new unit’s manual based on the import type instead using Unit Properties

Wind Towers 3D wire, create wind towers for use in AutoCAD

Cerate Unit UserCAD, add aft view rotated 180 deg.

Errors corrections fixed
Lost all defined ports and reference, List Administrator, Ports and Reference list auto updated after import of units
Moved unit snap to center line, coursed in the matrix, BoundingBox incorrect returned
Design > Hold’s Dimensions > Out Line, Incorrect draw up of hatch covers

Manual updated to version 3.41

Version 3.40 Dated 12 September 2018
List Administrator
The entire system behind the Load, Loaded, Reference and Ports lists have been reprogramed
To speed up handling large number of units, ports and references
All units on the Load List are linked to its Reference and POL / POD so changes to same will also change linked units on the Load and Loaded list
Load List: Any unit’s parameters can be edited direct in the list except for dimensions of block unit as pipes etc., these can only be edited in Unit Properties
Loaded List: Read only list except for the columns Stoved Area and Sequence
Info: Saving any text, the idea is user to write or paste in any text from an email related to a project, as email reference or special cargo handling instructions
So, if a project to be handled over, a colleague having same cargo handling information’s

Note: Blocks for POL / POD and Reference in Layouts are only updated once a layout is created
Making change to cargo after a layout is created use the function “Layout” > “Update REF POL POD”

System general updated

Version 3.38 Dated 09-03-2018
Updated language drivers

Version 3.37 Dated 06-03-2018
Functions updated
Creating Plan Model from Cargo Model
Stability module
Pipe calculations
Recreating Cargo Model from auto saved file
Container grid setup
Various corrections

Version 3.36 Dated 23-02-2018
Functions updated
Load alignment 
Handling and creating wind towers
Creating tween deck panels
Creating of Plan Model
Copy as loaded, variays block stowage, and grouped units

Right click a top viewed unit, edit individual unit text
Explorer. Ships library, data list of all stanchion files

Version 3.35 Dated 26-01-2018 (not released)
Various corrections to USB Installations

Version 3.34 Dated 05-01-2018
Correction to Units text and color setting
In v3.33 the converting of old ship files (*.Shp) disabled, function enabled and updated
Other corrections

Version 3.33 Dated 20-12-2017
This update only contains error corrections
There have been some issues installing updates, all problems occur due to Microsoft Update running
For IT departments doing “Puss forward” installations no problems, but if you not a hard-core IT administrator, restart your Pc, do not Run any applications then install the program
If you fail to do the installations correct, you have to uninstall then reinstall, “Repair” installations only work if installed correct first time

Activations Deactivations and Reactivations
All updated according to Microsoft recommendations, also a system Diagnostic tool added
Explore > Help > Diagnostic, create a log file enable LoadPlanner.DK to supply support
Diagnostic only handling licenses and installations information’s, not errors in normally use
The log only needed if you are ask to send it Safety issue

NOTE: for any communications via the internet to the server, you must log on window as administrator or run the program as administrator
In daily use the program does not require administrator privileges
However, if you are linking paths to password protected network, it will not be shown in LoadPlanner Explorer
Open the drive in Microsoft explorer first, then open LoadPlanner

Generic Errors handling
New GenericErrorEventHandler
Error handling inside the matrix
Typical error as “System Out of Memory”
User will be guided to fix the problem
NOTE: If you are getting the error “System Out of Memory” you strongly recommended save your work, close LoadPlanner CAD and free memory before continuing
If you just continue, you file may not be recoverable

Typical reasons for getting the “System Out of Memory” error
Incorrect stanchion file, all drawings object converted to polyhatch (AutoCAD users !!)
User having a lot of heavy drawings open in UserCAD
Adding more than 4000 individual units to Quay area (Filter your “Load List” before adding units)
Using PDF converted to CAD without cleaning the drawing fires (See help file Working with converted PDF file)
(a bit of commons senses you so you don’t get this error)
What color of the curtains in the accommodations or how many screws and size on the brake of the windlass, is so never mind in a cargo planning tools
LoadPlanner CAD is not a ship art design, only a cargo planning tool, if you need to do art use the UserCAD

Shifting from Cargo Model to Plan Model
Also recover “System Out of Memory” errors
The functions have been rewritten, to speed up flowed, but also handling any incorrect base point and blocks

Container Grid
Creating new or modifying container grid has been rewritten
Much more user friendly
File do not longer require reloading

Version 3.32 Dated 08-11-2017
Program start up
Errors in missing registrations of needed drivers, or incorrect user profile, earlier resulted in new Lock in requirement
A startup function added, checking for any errors in the startup prosses, and guide user to fix the problem
A Reactivations of license added.

Error corrections
Unit Properties, New Pipe
Unit Properties, selecting POL, POD and Ref on list
Load List, Units defined block, missing reference to main unit (none selected)
Ships Eqp. User defined twd setting, ordering corrected
Project file
Grid and Bulk
Open file with "Unonymus" layers, unonymus layers will be deleted

Functions updated
Container handling, Cargo Model, Aft and top viewed loading, see the manual
Layout, 20Ft Bay plan
Layout, 40Ft Bay plan
Loaded List, Export weight list for use in external stability programs
AutoCAD 2018 format added, Require updated file converter

New Function
Units AutoCAD look, set units transparent to 100% and pin color will follow selected POL, POD or REF color

To use unit fill and pin color same time, check mark “Include Units pin color, in color selection”
For existent files, re select text selections before pin color updated